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Dubb Edition PP HD


The Dubb Edition PP HD features the best all-around template on the market. This model is excellent for dropknee, prone or stand-up bodyboarding. This model has a lightweight PP core, double stringer and an HD slick for speed and durability. The board’s crescent tail also comes with a Tail Piece for added control and style.

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  • PP Core
  • 8lb PE Deck
  • HDPE Slick
  • Graduated Channels
  • Crescent Tail with Tail Piece
  • Select sizes offered in Single, Double Stringer

Dimensions: Length x Nose x Width (Nose-to-Wide Point) x Tail x Thickness

  • 39.5″ x N/A x N/A (@N/A) x N/A x N/A
  • 41″ x 9.375″ x 20.375″ (@19.25″) x 17.9875″ x 53mm
  • 42″ x 9.5″ x 20.5″ (@19.5″) x 17.75″ x 55mm
  • 43″ x 9.875″ x 21.25″ (@20.25″) x 18.4375″ x 56mm
  • 44″ x 10.25 x 21.625″ (@18.875″) x 18.875″ x N/A


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